Purozo in support of Coral Gardeners ‘save the reefs’

November 25, 2019

Purozo plants coral in French Polynesia in support of Coral Gardeners mission to save the reefs.

As an environmentally friendly business from our foundation we have always seen it as a crucial mission to support initiatives around the globe in every way we can.

In light of their recent social media campaign that has been viewed millions of times since it release we thought it vital as a company to support their crucial cause of saving and defending coral reefs from the catastrophic damage that is occurring not only in French Polynesia but around the globe.


Who are the Coral Gardeners and what do they do? 

Coral gardeners are a coral reef restoration and conservation program located in Tahiti French Polynesia. Working in areas that have been heavily damaged as a result of pollution and the effects of climate change. The Coral Gardeners work tirelessly to raise awareness of how we can build a better future for our oceans.

The reef restoration programme focuses highly on collecting broken pieces of coral, which are then nursed back to health before being planted back into the reef to encourage regeneration and bring new life back to reefs that have so heavily felt the effect of climate change and ocean pollution.


Why we found their cause so important?

We all have heard of the damaging effects caused by climate change, one those effects is coral bleaching that has devastated one of the world’s most key life support systems. Based on current knowledge all coral reefs could vanish by the year 2050, which in turn will cause devastating effects to millions of people and ecosystems.

The Coral Gardeners and many other initiatives are fighting a battle against time; however scientists have concluded it is not yet too late to save one of earths most stunning creations. Although without support their mission will be even harder to achieve.

This is why we chose to support the project by funding the plantation of a new coral that will go on to support and rebuild reefs in French Polynesia for many years to come.


What you can do?

If you wish to support the cause which we hope you do please visit Coral Gardeners website www.coralgardeners.org. where you can support and plant your own coral , whether it’s just one or 50 corals , everything counts.