Unrivalled customer service

Our Services.

At Purozo we stick to a clear philosophy of ‘modern products with traditional customer service’.

We see it as crucially important that with any product that we provide to our clients that these are correctly installed and relevant training is provided. Further to this, too many times we see people buying products but not receiving the correct follow up requirement.

When purchasing with us we offer all our customers the ability to be able to have reliable service, maintenance, delivery and help when required.

If there is a product or need for your business that you don’t see, then get in touch as we will know the right place and price to source it for you.

Need help with training, maintenance, or with tailoring a greener and cleaner facility? We have you covered.


Need help?

Need help in deciding what can be done to improve your facility and business to make more sustainable choices whilst making it operationally affordable and within budget?

Whether it be for everyday cleaning , air care and floor care machines to name just a few , we have the knowledge and the industry connections to help you make the right decisions.

As part of our business we find it crucially important to always visit your site to assess the requirement and what can and will work for you in the best way possible.


Modern technology, with traditional customer service.

As part of our role as a supplier, we coined the phrase ‘Modern technology, with traditional customer service’. It’s important that all our products and systems are followed up with training for your staff.

When making changes to new processes and implementing new technology, we help make these changes as seamless as possible.

With cleaning, the same processes and products have been used by some businesses and facilities for decades, with the staff also used to doing the same.

Training staff is a crucial part of any implementation, and this is something we offer to all our clients, no matter what product or how long it takes. We are here to support you.


Help with any products that require servicing and maintenance.

As a business, we operate across the UK and have engineers and a service team to help with any products that require servicing and maintenance.

We aim to get out to our clients within 48 hours as best as we can.

When purchasing products, its always important to know the support that you will get alongside. Too frequently we have seen other products sold and the follow-up support lacking, which results in either the system failing or frustration for the client.

With Purozo you can be assured that we have teams available to help with any requirement if needed.


Our own delivery teams working across the country

As part of our services, we have our own delivery teams working across the country, to ensure your products arrive safe and sound and in good time.

Although for most products we used our trusted couriers, for certain items that require even more care and support, we have teams available to deliver to you on site.