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Our ethos

Investing in sustainable cleaning practices

Sustainability is no longer a “welcomed addition” to company practices but is now an expectation in the eyes of customers, governing bodies and stakeholders. Climate change is an urgent issue, and it’s up to us as individuals and as businesses to take responsibility and act now to reduce our carbon footprint.

When it comes to investing in sustainable business practices, the simplest way to make a change is to source sustainable suppliers and products. Purozo are eco-conscious cleaning consultants and product suppliers.

We are facing irreversible damage if we don’t make a change


tonnes of plastic

Enter our oceans every year. This includes single-use packaging from chemical cleaning products.


harmful substances

Are used commercially and enter our marine environment via atmospheric transport, runoff into waterways, or direct disposal into the ocean.

6.2bn lbs

of chemicals

Is what is needed to manufacture traditional cleaning products.

We drive sustainable change in SME’s and large-scale organisations


Remove up to 90% of plastic waste

Make your business safer and more sustainable. Our products offer a long-term solution that will transform your cleaning whilst lowering your carbon footprint.


Highly effective product range

Whilst we continue to improve the sustainability of our products, they are still mightily effective at cleaning and reducing the number of harmful pathogens in your workplace.


Save money in your cleaning budget

With more sustainable, but cost-effective products.

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