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In an industry that struggles to find the perfect cleaning products which are cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly, chemicals are often the easiest go-to solution. However, after being introduced to a revolutionary Canadian system called Lotus® Pro by Tersano, we knew this was the perfect fit for our new company, a flagship product that offers exactly that.

It was upon this discovery that we decided to create the company and offer people products that really change the way we think of cleaning.

The History of Tersano products

In 2002, Tersano invented an innovative method of stabilising Aqueous Ozone to create a long lasting and powerful cleaner and sanitiser for commercial and household use. Whilst Aqueous Ozone technology has been around for over 100 years, the Tersano Lotus® Pro was the first product to extend the stabilisation of Aqueous Ozone for up to 24 hours, making it the perfect chemical-free cleaning solution. Lots of companies are switching to Tersano products as a highly effective, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals.


About Purozo

We are dedicated UK suppliers of the revolutionary Stabilised Aqueous Ozone products by Tersano. We started Purozo because we knew that there was an opportunity to do something different.

We set out to reduce the impact that we as businesses put on the environment, however, to do this we needed to offer people a simpler, safer and after all cost-effective option.

We have always felt incredibly strongly about the environment and trying to make as much of a difference as we can for future generations.