Air Cleaners

Clean and safe air has never been more important.


Air cleaning devices and sensor technology, suiting small and large indoor spaces

Whether you’re looking to control harmful pathogens, purification, odour removal or to improve the environment in your workplace, our devices use cutting edge technology to enable your indoor space has safer, cleaner air.

We understand that not every space will benefit from air devices and that natural ventilation may be enough. Therefore, we recommend a free on-site consultation to determine the need for one is undertaken. Then, we can make our recommendations for your specific space and chat through all the benefits.

To find out more about our devices, the technology and the benefits they can bring please view our range below.

Wizard Scarecrow

Your advanced, next-level commercial air purifying unit

Aurabeat AG+ Go

Introducing the AG+ Go, also known as the ‘Cube’ air purification device by Aurabeat.

Wizard Northern Fairy

Destroy up to 99.999% of harmful airborne pathogens

Wizard Toto

Ozone Generator for sanitising small indoor spaces

Wizard Lion

Ozone Generator to clean large indoor areas

Wizard Sensor

Class-leading air quality sensor

The power of UV-C

Discover how the germicidal properties of UV-C destroy up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses