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Revolutionary cleaning products for healthcare

Hygiene and sanitation in healthcare is absolutely essential, as exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses could be life threatening. Many of our surface, air and deep cleaning products destroy up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria, and can be used throughout your premises; sanitising, cleaning and deodorising all areas, including kitchens, public areas and bedrooms.


No storage required

No need to store multiple chemicals onsite, all you need is your Lotus® Pro unit or iClean Mini™ , a degreaser , toilet cleaner and for healthcare a medical grade disinfectant for when needed.


No respiratory issues

Unlike chemicals, SAO™ has no links to respiratory issues such as Asthma.


More effective than bleach

In an environment where infection control is absolutely essential, SAO™ reduces up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and is can be more effective than bleach. (SAO however is not a replacement for your medical grade disinfectant).


Certified food-safe

SAO™ has been verified as foodsafe and has its EN13967 and EN1276 Certification, making it suitable for kitchens and foodservice areas. SAO also has NSF certification.


Cost saving

You can save between 50%-80% on costs with the Lotus® Pro in comparison to what you’d spend on chemical cleaning products.



As a 100% chemical-free and reusable product, Tersano products can help you reduce your carbon footprint and meet environmental goals.

Facility Management

At Purozo we help and supply facilities with the right products for their requirements.

Offering the perfect balance of sustainability and costs across our product range, get in touch with us if you’re looking for a new, innovative way of cleaning that will improve efficiency and costs.



We know that efficiency is absolutely vital in this industry.

Which is why our machines and solutions help transport companies across the UK to achieve high standards, with this in mind.

If you are a transport company looking for more information, contact us today and we will help you procure and implement exciting new systems.



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