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Safe non-toxic school cleaning products

At Purozo, we already supply Tersano cleaning products to many educational facilities across the UK. We recognise the importance of child safety and that is why Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) is the perfect solution for the future of educational cleaning. It's a safe, non-toxic cleaning product that is even more effective than bleach, plus it can save you thousands on your cleaning budget!

Benefits of SAO™ in the education sector

A simpler, safer and more sustainable cleaning and sanitisation solution. Tersano can help you save thousands of pounds in cleaning costs and can also eliminate the need to store toxic and potentially harmful chemicals onsite. Here are some of the key benefits of SAO™ in the educational sector:

  • Cost Saving – with the Lotus® Pro, you can save up to 80% on cleaning costs in comparison to what you might spend on multiple cleaning products.
  • Chemical-free – no risk to children; SAO™ is odourless, safe and chemical-free.
  • No onsite storage – eliminates the need to use and store chemical products onsite.
  • Anti-slip – its non-slip finish protects staff and children against slips and falls.
  • Certified food safe – proven to quickly kill viruses and bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella and is EN13967 and EN1276 Certified.
  • Replaces multiple products – one product for all purposes, it can be used in kitchens, classrooms, dining halls, gymnasiums and on a range of different surfaces.

Example: 600 pupil school saved an average of 58% on cleaning costs

Switching to SAO™ enables you to make considerable cost savings. The Lotus® Pro saved one school an average of 58% on their cleaning budget compared to what they were spending on standard cleaning products.


Average spend
on cleaning chemicals per year

£ 0

Average spend
on cleaning chemicals over 60 months

£ 0

Lotus Pro

Average spend
with the Lotus® Pro per year

£ 0

Average spend
with the Lotus® Pro over 60 months

£ 0

Total savings over 60 months when switching to the Lotus® Pro

£ 0

What it can be used to clean

  • Windows
  • Carpets
  • Stainless steel
  • Tables
  • Floors
  • Classrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Boarding houses

Save thousands of pounds

Educational establishments often face the challenge of managing tight cleaning budgets, whilst also finding products that are safe for students and staff. With the Lotus® Pro system, schools, colleges and universities can save thousands of pounds in their budget just by switching to SAO™ from toxic chemicals. The Lotus® Pro and iClean Mini™ can replace nearly all your original cleaning products as they can be used to clean almost anything.

Improve your environmental impact

If you have green initiatives to become more environmentally sustainable, switching to Tersano products from toxic cleaning chemicals can help you meet your goals. No more single-use plastic packaging or pouring away toxic chemicals, Tersano products are 100% reusable and use only natural elements.

Tersano® Lotus Pro: Revolutionising cleaning in education

The Lotus® Pro system is fitted onto the wall and connected to your mains. All you need to do is push a button and Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is created. It can be dispensed into mop buckets, spray bottles or floor scrubbers and remains as a powerful cleaner for 4 or 24 hours, before returning to normal tap water. No more mixing toxic chemicals or cleaning solutions – your cleaning regime just got a whole lot easier!

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The portable iClean Mini™

The iClean Mini™ is a handheld device that creates instant, on-demand SAO™ . Thanks to its size, cleaners can easily carry it around with them and spray directly onto contaminated surfaces as they go. It’s the ideal solution for smaller clean-ups where an entire batch of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is not required.

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Taunton School

Why we decided to switch to the Tersano Lotus® Pro The decision to switch to the Tersano Lotus® Pro was taken for two main reasons. Reason one was the environmental impact of less chemicals entering into landfill and the various water courses. Reason two was the potential cost savings. There is also the added benefit of Aqueous Ozone being a safe, effective cleaner and sanitiser that is stronger than bleach but without the hazardous odour, fumes or toxic residues. Making the change from chemicals to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone The main challenge was trying to convince the team that we could “clean with water”. We undertook a series of demonstrations and swab tests to prove the cleaning benefits of the product. The demonstrations showe...

“We are very happy with the product and its effectiveness as a chemical free cleaner and sanitiser. It reduces and eliminates germs, odours, stains, mould and mildew, and leaves no residue behind.”

Taunton School

Educational facilities using Stabilised Aqueous Ozone

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions here. If you still can’t find what you are looking for or would like to know more, please get in touch.

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Can I drink the Lotus® Pro solution?

The use of the solution is intended to fill mop buckets, auto-scrubbers, carpet extractors and spray bottles withStabilized Aqueous Ozone for the purpose of cleaning, removing stains, deodorizing and killing germs. The solution is not intended for consumption, but it will not harm someone if they accidentally drink it.

Do I have to purchase new spray bottles?

Replacement of existing cleaning supplies are not necessary. Rinsing existing supplies thoroughly with Stabilized Aqueous Ozone will be sufficient. Tersano MSDS labels are available for the bottles.

Will the Stabilised Aqueous Ozone solution remove wax from floor?

The Stabilized Aqueous Ozone will not remove wax from a floor surface. Feedback from current customers: floor finishes last longer.