What are non-toxic cleaning products? 

December 14, 2023

Understanding the science behind non-toxic cleaning products can help to instil confidence in their effectiveness for commercial settings vs chemical-based cleaners. Although ‘non-toxic’ usually means a less harmful product, there’s no official, regulated definition for it, however, these cleaners tend to avoid harmful chemicals like carcinogens and pollutants, focusing on human and environmental safety.

Benefits of non-toxic cleaning products

Traditional commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ammonia, bleach, and more. These substances can cause a range of health issues, including eye and throat irritation, headaches, respiratory problems, and even serious conditions like asthma and reduced lung function.

However, non-toxic cleaners are made from natural ingredients, making them safer for humans and animals. They reduce the risk of allergies, respiratory problems, and skin irritations, making them a preferable option for people in contact with cleaning products as part of their work.

Eco-friendly cleaning products, typically made from renewable materials and biodegradable ingredients, have a lower environmental impact after use too. They break down easily without leaving harmful residues or polluting the water supply.

Cost Benefits of Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Non-toxic cleaning products can be more cost-effective in the long run. While the initial investment may be higher compared to conventional cleaners, the long-term savings make this back. Non-toxic cleaners often come in less packaging or are delivered in refillable bottles, reducing the shipping cost to the suppliers, and therefore the price you pay too.

Choosing more eco-friendly cleaning products, free from pollutants and reducing single use plastics, is another way businesses can showcase their commitment to the environment to customers.

Environmental Impact and the TECcare Range

Non-toxic cleaning products are designed to be biodegradable, reducing pollution and having minimal impact on ecosystems they may encounter after use. Developed specially for tackling commercial cleaning, TECcare products offer the dual benefits of powerful cleaning and minimal environmental impact, with a broad-spectrum disinfectant and non-toxic detergent. Learn more about the TECcare range here.

By making smarter green choices throughout business operations, businesses are not only ensuring clean and safe working environments for staff but are also contributing positively to the wellbeing of their customers and the planet.