SAO™ Testing Update 25/3/2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Purozo has been working diligently to provide clients with as much information as possible to ensure the reduction of infection risks when using Tersano SAO. Over the past month Tersano has tested SAO for its effectiveness against viruses such as COVID-19. However, due to biosafety requirements and regulations, it has been extremely difficult to safely handle the actual COVID-19 virus. Until such time that Tersano can test directly, they have decided to follow the EPA recommended guidelines for an alternative approach to testing. The first stage of lab testing was conducted with SAO and Canine Parvovirus. Canine Parvovirus is a highly infectious and fatal virus, sitting in the small non-enveloped virus category (the hardest virus group to kill). Here’s what we found…

SAO™ vs Parvovirus: The Official Lab Reports

Important information & virus categorisation

Viruses tend to fall into one of three categories based on how resilient they are and how difficult they are to kill. These categories are as follows:

  1. Small non-enveloped viruses (most difficult to kill).
  2. Large non-enveloped viruses.
  3. Enveloped viruses (least difficult to kill).


Although we are still learning a lot about Sars-Covid-2 (Coronovidae family), what we do know is that it is an enveloped virus, putting it in the category of least resistant to kill with an antimicrobial agent. Canine Parvovirus on the other hand, is a ‘small non-enveloped’ virus, making it one of the hardest types of viruses to destroy. EPA state ‘small, non-enveloped viruses can be highly resistant to inactivation by disinfection’.

Can SAO™ kill Parvovirus?

SAO™ cleaning solution was sprayed onto the Canine Parvovirus samples using a 1/ppm of dissolved ozone at protocol dwell times of 5 minutes. The results revealed that within 5 minutes, SAO was effective at killing > 99% of the small non-enveloped Parvovirus. Tersano official bulletin here.

Why this is important to know?

Canine parvovirus and its extended family are one of the toughest and resistant to forms of disinfectants. The virus can last up to 7 months on a variety of surfaces and withstand varying degrees of temperatures. We have always clearly stated that SAO is an extremely powerful sanitiser and not a hospital grade disinfectant which makes us even more proud of what the solution has been able to achieve against such a tough small-non enveloped virus.

What do these results mean?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance document, if an antimicrobial product is able to kill a small, non-enveloped virus, it is eligible for effectiveness against emerging pathogens. Tersano continues to validate using a direct testing protocol. In the meantime, you can learn more about Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) and how it works below.

Next steps

Over the next 4-6 weeks Tersano will be testing further to provide clients with updated information. These tests can sometimes take months to complete, but rest assured Tersano is working as hard as possible to provide results on effectiveness and dwell times .

How Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is created

Volts of electricity are injected into normal tap water. This splits the oxygen molecules in the water, transforming it from O2 into O3. It is whilst in this state that it is highly effective; clinging to dirt, grime, viruses and bacteria and killing 99.999% of all harmful contaminants. The solution will remain as O3 for a limited time before reverting back to normal tap water. This method of cleaning has undergone rigorous testing by laboratories and leading governing bodies across the world to prove that it is highly effective and safe.

Oxygen is converted into ozone then combined with the stabilised water to create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone.

Molecules in the cleaning solution are attracted to bacteria and dirt, destroying them upon contact.

The SAO™ cleaning solution then reverts safely back to water and oxygen.

What makes SAO™ a powerful cleaner?

What makes Stabilised Aqueous Ozone so powerful is its effectiveness when converted into O3. O3 is a naturally unstable compound, which means that it always tries to revert to its normal form. It is this unstable nature that makes it one of the most effective natural cleaning solutions. Its molecules latch on to surrounding dirt and bacteria, killing up to 99.999% of all harmful contaminants before turning back into normal water (O2). Deadly to germs, but safe for people and the planet!

How is the Iclean mini solution is created?

Inside the iClean mini is a Rare Diamond Electrode Mechanism passes an electric current through the oxygen in the air, converting Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). This is then infused into the tap water instantly creating Aqueous Ozone a safe, but powerful natural cleaner and sanitiser for on demand cleaning anywhere and anytime. It’s like a mini thunderstorm.

Where to purchase SAO™ cleaning devices.

Purozo are a leading UK supplier of Tersano’s SAO™ cleaning devices. The Tersano Lotus® Pro offers a more industrial, commercial-level solution, used to clean entire buildings with just one batch, whilst the Tersano iClean Mini™ offers a household solution, and is used to spray surfaces just like a normal spray bottle. Both products create SAO™ on demand, making safe and effective cleaning easier than ever. Find out more about the Lotus Pro® and iClean Mini™ below.

Tersano Lotus® Pro

Industrial Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, which lasts up to 24 hours.

Commercial cleaning solution

An all-in-one cleaning solution for commercial use

Installation support

Permanently fixed to the wall, we install the unit for you, connecting it to your electricity and water supply

On-demand cleaning

Creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone at the push of a button

Long lasting

Clean entire buildings with just one batch


Can be used on multiple surfaces

Easy to use and maintain

Cartridges are easily replaceable

On-going support

Ongoing maintenance service contract included

Tersano iClean Mini™

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone on-demand with the portable iClean Mini™.

A portable cleaning solution

A compact, lightweight and portable device, that fits into the palm of your hand

Suitable for smaller cleaning jobs

Tackles any domestic cleaning job

On-demand cleaning

Dispenses instant Stabilised Aqueous Ozone at the push of a button


Can be used on multiple surfaces

Minimal requirements

All it requires is normal tap water to function

Fully rechargable

Simply connect your device to the mains socket

Powerful and effective

Removes dirt, grime, odours, stains and harmful bacteria

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