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iClean mini™

A cleaning solution that is non-toxic, reusable and kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria. See how the iClean Mini is used throughout the home.

How the powerful Lotus Pro is used in the care industry

Our latest video presents how the Tersano Lotus® Pro is used in care homes and why it plays such a vital role in keeping the care industry in line with the strict hygiene guidelines.

Tersano explainer videos

Tersano: how to change the cartridge

See how quick and easy it is to change the stabiliser cartridge in a Lotus® Pro with this explainer video by Tersano.

Tersano: Ball state university case study

Ball State University in America share their experiences of switching from toxic cleaning chemicals to the Tersano Lotus® Pro – a chemical-free, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative.

Tersano: How the Lotus® Pro works

This video by Tersano explains how the Lotus® Pro unit turns normal tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitiser, killing up to 99.999% of dirt, grime and harmful bacteria.

Short videos from the inventor of the Lotus Pro

Tersano: reduce slips & falls

Founder of Tersano, Steve Hengsperger describes how a Casino in Las Vegas reduced their slips and falls by 70% thanks to the Tersano Lotus® Pro.

Tersano: A safe cleaning solution

Founder of Tersano, Steve Hengsperger, explains why Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is the safest cleaning solution around. In fact, it is rated 000-A.