Food safe sanitiser products

We understand the importance of sanitation in the food industry. We also understand the challenges faced when it comes to finding highly effective food safe sanitisers that are non-toxic, highly effective and cost-efficient.



Your solution

Introducing Purozo – the leading UK supplier of Tersano’s Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) products. Tersano is the innovative creator of a revolutionary non-toxic cleaning product range which includes the Lotus Pro unit. It uses Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) technology, to quickly kill a range of viruses and bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella and more. All it requires is normal drinking water and the smart Tersano products to kill bacteria in seconds, making it highly effective for food preparation surfaces.



The science behind our smart food safe sanitiser products…

The Tersano Lotus Pro unit has a clever stabilisation cartridge which changes the mineral composition in tap water. It is this process that creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone – a cleaning solution which lasts for 4 or 24 hours.

The altered tap water is then passed through the Lotus Pro unit and infused with oxygen and electrical currents, creating Stabilised Aqueous Ozone. When stabilised, the Aqueous Ozone lasts for hours, killing 99.999% of dangerous germs viruses and foodborne pathogens in seconds. This is even more effective than bleach and requires very little contact time. It is the ideal product for food-based companies who need safe, effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. After the 4 or 24 hours is up (depending on which cartridge you have), it simply reverts back to normal tap water and can be poured away as normal.



What Tersano’s food safe sanitiser products can do for the food business

The products supplied by Purozo are fully approved sanitisers for food service. They have all the required EN numbers that standard chemicals have and are certified safe by the top regulatory bodies across the world. Commonly used in the food industry to sanitise food surfaces, these products are highly effective when cleaning, bt also have many additional benefits.

They are entirely free from chemicals, environmentally friendly, extremely cost-effective and can reduce your plastic pollution too. Many food-related organisations across the UK have already switched to Tersano’s highly effective Stabilised Aqueous Ozone cleaning solutions. From schools to luxury hotels, care homes and Premier League stadiums, all of these industries are utilising the power of SAO™ technology.



The benefits of Purozo’s food safe sanitiser products

  • A certified food safe sanitiser which is approved by leading governing bodies
  • More effective than bleach, killing 99.999% of harmful bacteria
  • Non-toxic and chemical free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Helps you reduce your plastic footprint


Revolutionary food safe sanitiser products

Purozo supplies a wide range of food safe sanitiser products using SAO™ technology, that is perfect for the food industry.

From the Lotus® Pro System, which can be used to fill spray bottles, mop buckets and floor scrubbers, to our super compact, portable iClean Mini, Purozo can supply you with food safe sanitisers, which reduce your cleaning costs and carbon footprint. Find out more about the products we offer here.

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