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Purozo is the leading UK distributor of the revolutionary, environmentally friendly and chemical-free cleaning products made by Tersano. The Tersano Lotus Pro is a commercial-standard product which creates a solution called Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™). 50% more effective than bleach but without the toxic chemicals, SAO™ is able to replace 90% of your current cleaning chemicals, making it a much more environmentally friendly alternative.



What is SAO™ and how is it made?

SAO™ is a powerful cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser, made from electricity, water and oxygen. Able to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and certain viruses, it is created using the Lotus Pro, a unit which is permanently fixed to your wall. At the push of a button, the Lotus Pro infuses volts of electricity with normal tap water, splitting the oxygen atoms in the water from o2 into o3. Whilst in this o3 state, it becomes a powerful cleaner and sanitiser known as Aqueous Ozone. The stabiliser cartridge in the Lotus Pro allows the solution to remain as o3 for up to 24 hours (hence the name Stabilised Aqueous Ozone), after which it simply reverts to normal tap water.

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How is SAO™ used to clean?

Once the button has been pushed on the Lotus Pro and the SAO™ solution is created, it is then dispensed from the machine and can be put into spray bottles, mop buckets, floor scrubbers and anything else you use to clean. The SAO™ solution is then used just like any chemical cleaner and can be spray onto or applied to multiple surfaces, cleaning floors, windows, ceramics, upholstery, mirrors, kitchens, worktops, carpets and much more. In fact, you can clean entire buildings using just one batch!

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An environmentally friendly cleaning product for commercial settings

Because SAO™ is made entirely from natural elements and replaces nearly all your previous cleaning products, you can reduce your chemical use by 90%. This means significantly less chemicals being poured down drains and entering our groundwaters, having less of an impact on our environment. Because the Lotus Pro is also 100% reusable, you are also no longer having to regularly purchase toxic chemicals, packaged in single-use packaging, reducing your overall plastic waste. It is the much greener, eco-friendlier (and cost-effective) solution, which is much safer for staff and customers too!

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