Commercial floor cleaning products and solutions

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) is a highly effective, chemical-free commercial floor cleaning solution, made with just oxygen, water and electricity. It leaves no residue behind and cuts through grime and dirt, whilst killing up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. A chemical-free solution that is 50% more effective than bleach and can save you thousands of pounds in your cleaning budget, find out more about SAO™ commercial floor cleaning product below.



What is SAO™ and how is it created?

SAO™ is created with the Tersano Lotus Pro, a revolutionary cleaning unit which is mounted to the wall and connected to your water supply. As soon as a button is pushed on the Lotus Pro system, volts of electricity are infused into normal tap water, splitting oxygen atoms in the water from o2 into o3. Whilst in this o3 format, it is a highly powerful cleaner and sanitiser for up to 24 hours and is able to cut through dirt and grime, killing up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and many viruses including norovirus, influenza A, SARS, measles virus, MHV, E. coli and salmonella. The SAO™ solution is then dispensed into spray bottles, mop buckets and floor scrubbers, ready to clean and sanitise.

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Suitable to use on all floor types

SAO™ is suitable to use on all floor types, from marble to carpet, vinyl, concrete, stone, ceramics and more. It is also safe to use on lots of other types of surfaces such as windows, upholstery, mirrors, kitchens and worktops.



Use in your floor scrubber as normal

Switching from chemicals to SAO™ doesn’t mean disruption to your normal cleaning procedures. Your new solution can simply replace the chemicals and be used as normal. By adding it to your floor scrubber, mop buckets or even directly to the floor as you would with normal cleaning chemicals, switching to SAO™ couldn’t be easier.



Anti-slip, reducing slips and falls

SAO™ has been tested for its effectiveness in reducing slips and falls and has been shown to have better anti-slip properties than cleaning chemicals. In fact, a casino property in Las Vegas conducted independent testing to see how effective SAO™ was at reducing slips and falls after they found a 70% drop in lawsuits from slips and falls when switching to SAO™. Steve Hersperger, the inventor of the Tersano Lotus Pro reveals the results:



Compatible with floor wax

Whilst SAO™ is great at removing dirt, grime and bacteria, it will not remove floor wax from your floors. In fact, feedback from our customers revealed that floor finishes actually last longer with SAO™ than with chemicals.