All-natural commercial cleaning products

Many businesses are looking for ways to improve their carbon footprint and safety in the workplace by introducing greener cleaning solutions. Yet, finding a chemical-free solution that is effective enough to replace all your chemicals without costing the earth can be a challenge. This is where Stabilised Aqueous Ozone comes in, a commercial-standard chemical-free cleaner and sanitiser which is highly effective and already being used by large organisations across the globe.



Introducing the revolutionary system that is transforming commercial cleaning

The Tersano Lotus Pro is a cleaning unit like nothing else on the market which creates the highly powerful Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™). Made from just oxygen, water and electricity, SAO™ is 100% natural, chemical-free and reusable, making it highly eco-friendly. Put the solution into spray bottles, mop buckets, floor scrubbers and use as normal to clean and sanitise almost any surface, including floors, windows, ceramics, upholstery, mirrors, kitchens, worktops, carpets and more, using just one batch. With this one solution, you can replace 90% of your current cleaning products, helping you save an average of 50-80% in your current cleaning budget.

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How does SAO™ work?

Mounted to the wall, the Tersano Lotus Pro unit connects to your water supply and creates SAO™ at the push of a button. SAO™ is created when volts of electricity are infused with normal tap water, splitting the o2 atoms in the water into o3, creating Aqueous Ozone. Whilst in this o3 format, it becomes a highly powerful cleaner and sanitiser, scientifically proven to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and certain viruses. Importantly, the stabiliser cartridge in the Lotus Pro enables Aqueous Ozone to remain in this ‘cleaning format’ for up to 24 hours, giving you plenty of time to clean entire buildings with just one batch.

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How do I know SAO™ is effective?

SAO™ has been scientifically tested and certified safe by leading governing bodies across the world including the FDA and Health Canada. It has also earned EN13967 and EN1276 Certification as well as being HACCP and Green Seal certified. We have had great feedback from clients who have tried, tested and implemented the Tersano Lotus Pro into their own cleaning processes.

Here’s a case study from one of our clients in the education sector.



Why the all-natural commercial cleaning product is better than chemicals

  • 100% eco-friendly, there is no more pouring toxic chemicals down drains and into our oceans. Also, you will no longer be using cleaning chemicals packaged in single-use plastic.
  • A chemical-free solution, it is safer for staff and customers. No more risk of skin, eye or asthma irritation.
  • Save 50-80% on cleaning costs. One of our clients saved £21,650 over 60 months.
  • Able to replace 90% of your current cleaning products with one powerful product, SAO™ is even food-grade certified and safe to use in food-based environments.
  • Highly effective, it is proven to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and some of the toughest viruses including norovirus, influenza A, SARS, measles virus, MHV, E. coli and salmonella.
  • No COSHH training required for staff, just minimal training on how to use the Lotus Pro machine.