UV-C Disinfection

How it works

How does UV-c technology work?

Class-leading UV-C light eliminates airborne viruses and other pollutants in an indoor area. With powerful germicidal properties, each of our UV devices use a powerful ventilation system, thoroughly purifying and disinfecting an indoor environment.

Step 1

Indoor air is drawn into the device, towards the UV-C lamps.

Step 2

Any bacteria or viruses present are exposed to high dosage UV-C.

Step 3

As a result, any bacteria and viruses are destroyed, rendering them inactive and the air purified.

Important Concepts

The benefits

Introducing UV-C technology into your facility allows for a non-toxic, proven way of eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses from indoor spaces quickly and efficiently. The difference with our UV-C technology is the crucial factor of dosage emitted upon pathogens when passing through our machines.

For UV-C to be effective, it must be able to provide the correct wavelength, power, and dosage. This is crucial when choosing a device, as without it, it is unlikely there will be enough power to emit the required dosage to destroy harmful pathogens within a small time period.


Large reach of purification – up to 500m2 of room space.


Powerful UV-C dosage.


Fast and efficient elimination of harmful pathogens.


9,000 hours of run time.


HEPA H13 filtration


Active carbon filters.

Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

This type of ultraviolet ray (UV-c) is particularly effective in destroying the genetic material of micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria, preventing their replication. Since its discovery in 1878, it has become a basic method of sterilisation, being used every day in hospitals, aeroplanes, offices and even food factories.

Unlike ultraviolet A (UV-a) and ultraviolet B (UV-b), UV-c rays have a shorter and more powerful wavelength than the others. This makes it possible for UV-c rays to kill all types of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Aurabeat AG+ Go

Introducing the AG+ Go, also known as the ‘Cube’ air purification device by Aurabeat. The Aurabeat Cube is perfect for room sizes of up to 28m2, disinfecting the space in under 18 minutes.

Wizard Sensor

One of the most advanced air quality sensors on the market, the Wizard Sensor helps you to keep your indoor space free of harmful pathogens.

Wizard Toto

Disinfect and sanitise small indoor areas up to 80m2 with this powerful Ozone Generator.

Wizard Scarecrow

Using powerful UV-C rays and hospital grade HEPA-13 and carbon filtration, this ultra-smart air purification unit cleans the air inside your facility, continuously killing bacteria, viruses and odours.

Northern Fairy

A clever forced ventilation system that provides air circulation, the Northern Fairy enables you to breathe cleaner, safer air throughout the day in your work environment.

Wizard Lion

Using bactericidal Ozone, the Lion is an Ozone Generator that destroys harmful pathogens in a room of up to 300m2.


The powerful i-Mop has a built-in scrubber, giving you quicker, cleaner and safer results than regular mops or automated scrubbing devices.

Motorscrubber Storm

Revolutionise the way you clean with the MotorScrubber Storm, highly effective in sanitising touch points and eliminating viruses on the go.

Motorscrubber Jet

The MotorScrubber Jet3 is your ultimate, reliable, deep-cleaning solution. A scrubber, degreaser, cleaner and polisher all in one, getting that next level clean couldn’t be easier.


Antimicrobial cleaning solutions that work to kill bacteria and viruses on contact, keeping them inactive for up to six months.

iClean Mini

Using the power of SAO™, the iClean Mini is a portable handheld cleaning device that changes tap water into a highly effective cleaner and sanitiser, at the touch of a button.

Lotus Pro

An easy-to-use SAO™ dispenser that enables you to clean and sanitise entire buildings using just one batch, without the use of chemicals.


Enviroshot is a new, professional range of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to cut down on the use of single use plastics and reduce land fill burden.