Taunton School reveal new, safe ‘Trilogy cleaning system’ supplied by Purozo

July 28, 2020

A new, safe cleaning strategy to minimise risks within the school

Long-term clients of Purozo, Taunton School, have released their plans for achieving a new, safe cleaning strategy for the school this week. Already devoted users and advocates of the chemical-free cleaning system, the Tersano Lotus Pro, Taunton School have now decided to upgrade to our Trilogy Cleaning System, which combines three of our most powerful products.

The Trilogy System includes the Tersano Lotus Pro, Zoono’s Antimicrobial Shield and the MotorScrubber Storm. Combined, these three products unite as a formidable cleaning system against bacteria and viruses and have even been proven effective against the approved surrogate of COVID-19, MHV-3.

As a school that places staff and pupils at the heart of its strategy, Taunton School decided to step-up their cleaning regime given the events of the coronavirus pandemic, to minimise the risks presented to those within its school.

Nicola Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Taunton School commented:

“The COVID-safe cleaning strategy at Taunton School is extensive, placing the safety of our staff and students at the heart of our strategy. Alex [co-founder of Purozo] is a former Taunton School student and is a leading example of what can be achieved in a globally challenging and changing time. The chemical-free cleaning products are highly effective, safe, and cost-efficient, saving up to 80% on our former cleaning costs. It is astounding that this chemical free ‘magic water’ has the cleaning power of bleach.

“Additionally, we feel it is particularly important to support our government’s green recovery project by investing in an eco-friendly, recyclable cleaning system with no plastic waste. With our investment with Purozo, we feel we are as safe as we can be.”


The Purozo team are very proud to provide this solution to Taunton School at such a difficult and uncertain time, and only hope that others can benefit from the system too.

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