A history timeline of Aqueous Ozone

June 27, 2019

History Timeline Of Aqueous Ozone

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone™ (SAO™) might be revolutionary but it is not a new technology. Aqueous Ozone has been used for over 100 years as a powerful cleaner and sanitiser. Its popularity stems from the fact it is cost-effective, safe and 100% environmentally friendly, and despite being entirely natural, is even more powerful than bleach. Here’s a little insight into the history of Aqueous Ozone™ and how it has stood the test of time as a revolutionary cleaning solution.


The first ever water purification plant using Aqueous Ozone was built back in 1906 in the city of Nice and is still in use today. This was the first official documented use of ozonation. Now, more than 1000 water treatment plants exist across the world using ozonation for water disinfection and other purposes.


In 1940 Aqueous Ozone was used in the US Naval Academy Pool and in 1976, it received antimicrobial approval.


In 1982, Aqueous Ozone was deemed safe to use for the purification of bottled water. Then in 1984, it was famously used to clean and sanitise the Olympic swimming pools installed for the Los Angeles Olympic Games.


It wasn’t until some years later that Aqueous Ozone was FDA approved for food preparation facilities and food contact surfaces, which was a huge step in its history and is what it’s largely used for today.

(2002) Tersano was founded

In 2002, the innovative creators of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone cleaning products, including the Lotus® Pro were established. Tersano was founded with the initial focus of creating countertop systems that would sanitise drinking water, food and household surfaces. They went on to establish an innovative method in which they could extend the stabilisation of Aqueous Ozone, making it the perfect cleaning solution.

The Tersano method uses a combination of oxygen and electrical currents, infused with normal tap water, to change the mineral composition so that it becomes stabilised for up to 24 hours. When stabilised, Aqueous Ozone can kill 99.999% of dangerous germs viruses and foodborne pathogens in seconds, making it highly effective.

Today, Tersano products are being used around the world and in various industries including healthcare, foodservice and education as an effective and non-toxic cleaning solution.

Purozo becomes the UK’s leading supplier of Tersano products

Purozo is the leading UK supplier for Tersano SAO™ products. After being introduced to the Lotus® Pro system by Tersano, we knew that this cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solution was the perfect fit for our company. Now we supply Tersano cleaning products to schools, care homes, stadiums and hotels across the UK.