Purozo team up with Greenspeed to offer chemical-free cleaning solution

February 21, 2020

Why we have teamed up with Greenspeed

Purozo has teamed up with environmentally friendly cleaning product manufacturers, Greenspeed, to help our commercial clients enhance their cleaning results whilst improving their carbon footprint. Greenspeed manufacture a variety of products which offer an effective, eco-friendlier alternative to toxic or single-use products.


Greenspeed’s history and ethos

Greenspeed set-up as an eco-conscious company that share the same values and commitment towards improving the environment as Purozo.

All Greenspeed products are manufactured from an ecover factory, which has been built entirely with sustainable materials. Their “green roof” ensures outstanding thermal insulation and the plant is also well located, allowing them to reduce transport miles. ­­

Their manufacturing processes have been meticulously thought through to ensure they are highly sustainable, with very little effect on the environment.


What this means for Purozo customers

Our eco-conscious customers now have the opportunity to take their environmental responsibility one step further. Greenspeed products are designed to last and to be as environmentally friendly as possible, not just through the materials they are made with, but through the lack of waste they produce.

The Lotus® Pro can already replace 80% of your chemical cleaning products, however, Greenspeed is able to complement that, eliminating the additional 20% of heavy-duty products such as floor degreasers and toilet cleaners. Thanks to Greenspeed’s natural and effective Priobotic cleaning products, our customers can be 100% chemical-free and more environmentally friendly.

Using both the Lotus® Pro unit and Greenspeed products can ensure that zero chemicals enter our streams, rivers and oceans and there is no use of single-use packaging. This can help you to meet environmental goals and promote yourself as an environmentally ethical company to your customers, as well as providing safer solutions to staff.


Greenspeed products we supply

We supply a wide range of products from chemical-free Probio solutions to highly effective Microfibre mops and cloths, which minimise waste, are longer-lasting and better for the environment. Click below to find out more about the Greenspeed products we supply…