Purozo in support of global campaign to recognise hardworking cleaners

September 20, 2019

Global iRecognise Campaign

This Friday 20th September, Purozo are supporting the iRecognise global campaign, dedicated to giving thanks to hardworking cleaning operatives who deliver an invaluable service. Endorsed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS), it celebrates the silent but essential service that cleaners provide.

Why this campaign is important

Cleaning is often an undervalued and unrecognised service, which can sometimes go under the radar. For a role which takes a lot of hard work, a little appreciation goes a long way. It is thanks to the cleaning staff across the world that we have clean hospitals, schools, supermarkets and other establishments, without which, these environments would be both chaotic and unsafe. That is why it’s important to the take time to recognise the work that they do.

Why Purozo believe in the cause

Being from the cleaning industry ourselves, we know first-hand what a difference the cleaning staff make to every organisation. They provide us with a clean and safe environment to live and work in every day. We regularly work directly with cleaners during Tersano product training days and are always in awe of the work that they do and the pride they take in it. That is why we are proud to be in support of the iRecognise campaign and to give those in the industry the recognition they deserve.

Find out more about the campaign:

Website: https://i-recognise.com/ 

Social media handles:

Twitter – @i_recognise

Instagram – @IRecognise_