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Zoono Surface Sanitiser

Antimicrobial Protection

with Zoono Surface Sanitiser

A long-lasting and powerful antimicrobial agent, Zoono is the future of antimicrobial protection, perfect for common touchpoints and high-risk areas.

Offering unique protection against harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses, it’s antimicrobial technology is different from anything else on the market. A new generation of surface protection, this sanitising solution is alcohol-free and provides continuous protection on surfaces for up to 30 days*.

Where can Zoono be used?

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Conference rooms & offices
  • Leisure centres
  • Retail stores

Long lasting results

When sprayed onto a surface, Zoono Surface Sanitiser creates a protective layer which is harmless to people, yet deadly to bacteria and enveloped viruses, destroying them on contact.

Once on the surface, it will continue to kill microorganisms for up to 30 days, even as you continue to clean those surfaces with other standard cleaning products.

This long-lasting, added layer of protection is the ideal solution for high-risk and frequently touched areas, ensuring that they are continuously protected in between cleans.

How it works

Step One

Once sprayed, Zoono bonds to the surface it is sprayed on to, acting as a protective layer.

Step Two

This protective layer attracts pathogens, including harmful bacteria and viruses.

Step Three

Zoono destroys the pathogens upon contact, its pin-like layer bursting them like balloons.

Step Four

Your surface is now fully protected and bacteria-free!

Benefits of Zoono Surface


Long lasting

Zoono’s protective shield kills 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces for up to 30 days*.


Pleasant to use

These water-based alcohol-free products can be used by everyone.


Scientifically proven

Zoono’s innovative technology is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Use alongside SAO & MotorScrubber Storm for better results

Combining the Tersano Lotus Pro with Zoono’s ‘antimicrobial shield agent’ and the MotorScrubber Storm, these products can be a formidable force against harmful bacteria and viruses. Discover the MotorScrubber Storm and the Tersano Lotus Pro.

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