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Wizard Sensor

Wizard Sensor

Cutting-Edge Air Quality Sensor

The Wizard Sensor is one of the most advanced air sensors on the market, using a clever algorithm to quickly upload air quality results onto an online platform. Understanding the need for ventilation in real-time, the device helps to ensure your indoor environment is free of harmful pathogens and purified.


Sensor technology
±(30 + 3%) ppm
Wi-Fi enabled


  • Free and unlimited service
  • Simple to use interface
  • Online access to any device
  • Online storage and data download
  • Display on other screens

How it works

The Wizard Sensor detects the quality of air based on four parameters:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Fine particles (PM 2.5)
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

As neither of these give an accurate reading alone, together they can effectively generate an overall indoor air quality reading every ten minutes:

Why choose the Wizard Sensor?

Our sensor is unlike any other monitor on the market, helping businesses to identify whether there is a need for ventilation improvements in an indoor space.

The Wizard Sensor uses innovative technology to determine not only CO2 levels but also temperature, humidity and fine particles in the air. With its clever algorithm, the sensor helps to determine the level of harmful pathogens in your room, painting a picture of the overall air quality.*

This is much more than your standard CO2 sensor!

*LED light can be turned off and data can be gathered online if this is a preference.

The Wizard Sensor algorithm

Our Wizard Sensor’s clever technology allows us to know when there is greater risk of pathogens spreading in our air and why. This allows you to act accordingly and take corrective measures, such as:

  • Opening the windows
  • The mobilisation of filtration systems
  • Tailor made cleaning plans
  • Easier for supervisory control , in relation to budget planning



Viruses have greater or lesser survivability in different temperature ranges.


Relative humidity

A low HR increases our vulnerability to infection due to dry mucous membranes.



Indicates effectiveness of ventilation – the basic health recommendation to mitigate infections.


Fine particles

Fine particles are the vehicles in which viruses, bacteria can travel.

Why is Co2 important?

CO2 monitors are becoming more and more popular, and we’re here to explain why.

The concentration of CO2 is a reference indicator for minimal air renewal necessary to achieve healthy indoor air environment, therefore telling us whether there is enough ventilation in a room or not to cope with the amount of people present.

CO2 is generated in the environment by people’s breathing, so in enclosed spaces it tends to increase. Acceptable levels in an indoor space range from 400ppm to 800ppm (parts per million), taking into account outdoor air is around 400ppm.

However, it is not the only parameter necessary to consider the spread of airborne viruses and other pathogens – temperature, humidity and fine particle matter are also important factors.

My Wizard Tracking

Real-time cloud tracking monitored data:

  • Free and unlimited service
  • Simple interface
  • Online access from any device
  • Online storage and data download
  • Display on other screens

As an additional option you can purchase QR certificates to place around site where staff and visitors can scan to check the indoor air quality, but this is an optional feature.

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Wizard Sensor

One of the most advanced air quality sensors on the market, the Wizard Sensor helps you to keep your indoor space free of harmful pathogens.

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