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Soap 2 O


Soap2O: The world’s most sustainable commercial hand soap

Soap2O is one of the most innovative sustainable hand soaps created to date. Formulated to clean and moisturise your hands, these powerful soluble soap sachets are fully sustainable, highly cost-effective and vegan – so there’s no animal testing involved.

Time to learn more about how this plastic free hand soap can transform how your facility purchases soap!

Where can Soap2O be used?

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality
  • Gyms
  • Conference rooms & offices
  • Leisure centres
  • Retail stores

How Soap2O works

Step One

Drop sachet into a Soap2O bottle or dispenser.

Step Two

Fill with cold water, straight from the tap.

Step Three

Shake for a few seconds.

Step Four

Foam Soap2O onto your hands!

Making waves in saving the planet

Leaving your hands clean, moisturised and smelling great, Soap2O sachets are highly sustainable – without costing the earth.

  • Simple refill process – just add water!
  • Forget trying to find space for multiple plastic bottles, Soap2O sachets come in neat packages that are easy to store.
  • Saves on transport costs and CO2 emissions by 90%.
  • 99% reduction in plastic waste.
  • No animal testing, whatsoever.
  • Reduces your standard soap costs by up to 50%.
  • Highly sustainable.

Saving money for your organisation

*Costings based on a standard soap refill competitor at £14.75 + VAT, per 5L.





Standard Soap

Cost per Litre

£1.34 +VAT

£2.95 +VAT

Estimated doses



Cost per Refill

£1.34 +VAT

£2.95 +VAT


£1.61 per litre or 45% Plus more doses compared to gel

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Free from single use plastics and 100% biodegradable, take a look at our full offering, from disinfectant through to glass cleaner.

Soap2O Bottles

Soap2O bottles

Soap2O Automatic Dispensers

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Soap2O Dispensers

Soap2O Dispensers

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