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Northern Fairy

Northern Fairy

Semi-professional domestic design system for the safe disinfection of the air by UV-c radiation.

Fight the virus with Northern Fairy. Disinfect the air in your spaces with our UV-c disinfection machine , a technology that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms harmful to health, in closed spaces. Designed with a forced ventilation program that produces constant air circulation, so you can breathe clean and safe air throughout the day, in your home or workspace.

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UV-C 254NM
Power consumption
Voltage ± 10%
2250 l/min
40 m2
Max. 4100 RPM
Dimensions with legs
400 x 235 x 770 mm
Dimensions without legs
400 x 68 x 680 mm

How the Northern Fairy works

The polluted air passes through the interior of our machines and, thanks to its forced ventilation system , disinfection occurs inside the device. Becoming an ideal solution to disinfect the air constantly in the presence of people safely.
Thanks to disinfection by type C ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) , we guarantee 99.99% elimination of the virus that can be carried by any other particle. In this way it purifies, disinfects and eliminates all types of very harmful microorganisms in the environment.

Step 1

Contaminated air enters the bottom of the machine

Air enters through the intake at the bottom of the machine.

Step 2

Contaminated air enters the bottom of the machine

Pathogens are disinfected and neutralised as they pass by the UV-C lamp.

Step 3

Contaminated air enters the bottom of the machine

The then disinfected air is pushed out through the top of the machine.


Low power consumption


Constant air circulation to avoid harmful exposure to UV-c rays


Operation indicator light


UV-c radiation lamp with a wavelength of 254 nm and 7W power


Versatile design, to stand or hang on the wall

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