MotorScrubber® Jet

Small, powerful and faster cleaning. Purozo aims to bring you the best products helping you to cut costs, increase safety and reduce your environmental impact. This motorised scrubber with ozone cleaning is one such product.

Used in conjunction with Tersano’s SAO™, the MotorScrubber® Jet is a small machine with big power.
It offers users faster cleaning capabilities achieving outstanding results and best of all, it’s enjoyable to use!

Benefits of using the MotorScrubber Jet ®

  • With its built-in spray function, all you have to do is add SAO™ to the MotorScrubber® Jet.
  • The solution is then delivered through the highpressure pump directly to the scrubbing head, breaking down dirt and grime.
  • Clear away the dirty residue for sparkling
    fresh surfaces.
  • For freedom to clean anywhere and to increase your cleaning power, choose the
    MotorScrubber® Jet.
  • 4x faster than manual methods with on board spray function
  • 360 RPM drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour
  • Get a return on your investment in 3 months
  • Achieve like new results
  • Very simple to use, no complicated controls
  • Can be used in all areas with its various pads, including swimming pools and spas
  • Save money by using SAO™ in the machine
  • 100% waterproof

Pads, brushes & accessories

Black Stripping
Code: MS1060

Green Scrubbing
Code: MS1062

Red Cleaning
Code: MS1064

White Dry Buffing
Code: MS1066

Wax Applicator
Code: MS1040

Sponge Disc
Code: MS1030HD

Code: MS1053

Yellow / Shine
Code: MS211760

Pad Holder
Code: MS1046

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