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MotorScrubber® Storm

The MotorScrubber Storm is a state-of-the-art cleaning device, designed during the COVID-19 pandemic as a revolutionary way of combatting viruses and contaminants. A high-powered nozzle which attaches to the MotorScrubber backpack, the Storm effectively disinfects touchpoints and kills viruses on the go.

About the MotorScrubber Storm

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, MotorScrubber have been working tirelessly to create a cleaning device that could help in the fight against the coronavirus. The aim was to create something that could attach to the MotorScrubber backpack for easy implementation and use. The MotorScrubber Storm’s high-speed swirl nozzle evenly sprays disinfectant with a solid coverage, killing harmful bacteria and viruses on various surfaces. The ultra-lightweight backpack holds the disinfectant solution, whilst the swirl nozzle sprays at the push of a button, making the perfect device for on the go sanitisation.

Effortlessly sanitise high touchpoint areas

The MotorScrubber Storm can be used with any solution to clean frequently touched surfaces such as supermarket shopping trolleys, till areas, public transport handles and handrails, taps, light switches and anything else that requires constant disinfecting. The MotorScrubber Storm and backpack partnership makes cleaning effortless, enabling you to safely and effectively maintain a high-level of sanitisation.

MotorScrubber Storm technical specification

Multifunctional system



Spray distance

Optimum coverage at 30cm (12"), 120cm (47") max

Solution capacity

1 Litre (34oz), quick reload


75 M2,/Litre



Backpack weight (empty)


Backpack weight (full)


Weight on wrist in use


Battery runtime

1 hour 50 min (continuous)
3 hour usage theoretical

Charge time

8 hours

Quick change battery


Use the Storm with SAO™ cleaning solution for powerful results

Whilst the MotorScrubber Storm is compatible with any cleaning solution, filling the backpack with the highly powerful, chemical-free Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) solution offers a safe, effective and chemical-free alternative. SAO™ has also been proven to kill greater than >99.99% of the approved surrogate of COVID-19 (MHV-3) following laboratory tests, as well as up to 99.999% of other pathogens.

Using SAO™ alongside the MotorScrubber Storm will allow you to effectively sanitise key areas safely and effectively without having to use harsh toxic chemicals.

How to use the MotorScrubber Storm

Sanitise large areas in three simple steps with the MotorScrubber Storm.

Fill up the solution holder with SAO™

Dispense Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) from your Lotus Pro unit, and use it to fill up the solution holder in the MotorScrubber backpack.

Spray the surfaces using the MotorScrubber Storm

Press the button on the storm nozzle to spray on demand, covering the surfaces you wish to clean and sanitise for an even coverage.

Safely sanitise all areas quickly

Quickly and efficiently sanitise entire rooms and buildings, significantly reducing the spread of viruses!

How much does it cost?

Storm Wand

Storm wand only *
For existing MotorScrubber customers who already own the backpack.

£ 0

Storm wand with backpack
*For new customers who would like to purchase both the MotorScrubber backpack and Storm wand.

£ 0

Lotus Pro

Tersano Lotus Pro Unit (creating Stabilised Aqueous Ozone)
*A reusable unit which is permanently fixed to the wall and creates SAO™ at the push of a button.

Lotus Pro Unit
(one-off initial payment)

£ 0 + VAT

SAO™ 24 Cartridge
(replaced on average every few months)

£ 0 + VAT

Use alongside SAO & Zoono for better results

The Purozo Trilogy System incorporates three of Purozo’s most powerful products, offering a comprehensive cleaning and sanitising system above the rest. Combining the Tersano Lotus Pro with Zoono’s antimicrobial shield agent and the MotorScrubber Storm, these products unite as a formidable force against harmful bacteria and viruses. This system can be purchased with all three products as a whole, or if you already own one of the Trilogy products, you can simply purchase the other items separately!