MotorScrubber® Jet

Small, powerful and faster cleaning. Purozo aims to bring you the best products helping you to cut costs, increase safety and reduce your environmental impact. The MotorScrubber® Jet is one such product.

Benefits of using the MotorScrubber® Jet

Used in conjunction with Tersano’s SAO™, the MotorScrubber® Jet is a small machine with big power. It offers users faster cleaning capabilities achieving outstanding results and best of all, it’s enjoyable to use!

  • 4x faster than manual methods
  • 360 RPM drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour
  • Get a return on your investment in 3 months
  • Achieve ‘like new’ results
  • Very simple to use, no complicated controls
  • Can be used in all areas
  • Save money by using SAO™ in the machine

Read more about how the MotorScrubber Jet is being used for cleaning in the railway industry.

How to use the MotorScrubber® Jet

Watch our video for a detailed guide on how to use the MotorScrubber Jet® to it’s full potential and achieve promising & immaculate results.

  • With an integrated chemical injection, the device provides an incredible deep clean up to 3m / 10ft high
  • Added spray function removes the need for a separate bucket with chemicals
  • The fully adjustable jet at the scrubbing head can be angled to your desired position allowing the direct application of solution to surface

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