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Click'M C Mops

The Greenspeed Microfibre™ click mop is your answer to effortless, effective and eco-friendly cleaning. Everything from the design to the manufacturing has been carefully considered to provide a powerful cleaning product. No more spreading the dirt around the floor or using litres of water in just one clean, the Click’M C minimises wastage, improves efficiency and leaves you with sparkling clean floors – all whilst being environmentally friendly.

Extremely user-friendly

The Greenspeed click mop has an easy-to-fasten removable mop head which makes cleaning more straightforward than ever. Designed with a light frame and flexible head, it’s able to reach those hard-to-clean areas and even has a solution reservoir in the handle which sprays fresh cleaning solution directly onto the floor. Forget about mop buckets filled with dirty water, the click mop picks up all the dirt from your floor using its microfibre head, without spreading it around the room. Once you’ve finished mopping, simply click the mop head off with your foot and put it in the wash.

What makes it unique

The Greenspeed Microfibre™ mop head has been uniquely manufactured with ‘split’ microfibres for even more powerful results. The Microfibre’s absorption qualities attract and hold on to dirt to leave your floors sparkling clean. Even better, they are reusable and extremely resilient, so will last hundred of washes without depreciating in quality.

Better for the environment

The Click’M C mop is highly sustainable and has very low environmental impact. Made with reusable materials, its resilient microfibre mophead can be rewashed hundreds of times. The mop is designed to minimise water usage, spraying solution directly onto the floor as you clean to reduce the amount of water that is used and poured away. Replace your toxic cleaning chemicals and floor degreasers with Stabilised Aqueous Ozone or natural plant-based detergents and you can also eliminate all use of toxic chemicals too.

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