How SAO™ helped Florida hospital reduce cleaning chemical usage by 90%

March 30, 2020

One thing we are very proud of at Purozo is helping our clients to improve their environmental impact by offering a natural and reusable alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals.

An article published by Tersano, the creators of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) products, reveals that a hospital in Florida was able to cut its cleaning chemical usage by 90% when switching to SAO™, whilst still maintaining their incredibly high hygiene standards. With four main buildings and over 1,300 patient beds, Director of Operations and Environmental Services at Florida hospital, Chris Bruno, wanted to know whether SAO™ could meet or surpass the effectiveness of the hospital’s previous chemical solution, as well as saving thousands and increasing health and safety. Here’s what they found during the tests!


What is SAO?

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) is a highly effective cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser made entirely from natural elements. It is one hundred percent toxic-free and proven to be much safer than chemicals. Unlike toxic chemicals, you are able to spray SAO™ cleaning solution safely into the air and around people, killing airborne pathogens – something that would be just too dangerous to do with cleaning chemicals, as they can have harmful effects on a person’s health. SAO™ is created is by using volts of electricity, which are infused into normal tap water, splitting the oxygen atoms in the water and turning it from o2 into o3. Most importantly, the stabiliser cartridge enables Aqueous Ozone to stay in this form for up to 24 hours which is unlike any other system on the market, hence the name ‘Stabilised’ Aqueous Ozone. Whilst in its o3 state, Aqueous Ozone is able to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and certain viruses.


The trial at Florida hospital

Florida hospital had the Tersano Lotus® Pro cleaning system (a commercial unit which produces SAO™) installed and began incorporating SAO™ into their cleaning regime. They started by cleaning glass, stainless steel, mirrors and other general-purpose cleaning areas, then over time, started using the SAO™ cleaning solution in their walk-behind scrubbers and carpet cleaners too. Not only did they find the results “outstanding” (according to Bruno) and were particularly impressed with its results on carpet, but they also found the following results:

  • The number of chemicals they used were reduced dramatically, leaving just a strong disinfectant as the only traditional chemical still in use.

    “We were able to replace four chemicals by switching to Tersano. Today, 90% of our cleaning at the hospital is done with Tersano. We use Tersano and a disinfectant. That’s it.”

  • SAO now helps Florida Hospital maintain their Silver LEED rating for one of their newer buildings.

    “The hospital is going for a greener campus and this definitely helps with that objective.”

  • The simplicity it has brought to their program and processes has also been a benefit.

    “We simply have fewer chemicals to manage – we even use it on our floors. In the past, we would just be able to clean them. Now we can clean and sanitise them simultaneously.”

  • Best of all, they have not sacrificed any performance.

    “The cleaning is at-par or even better with Tersano.”


The long-term impact of SAO™

By switching to Tersano, Florida hospital have been able to simplify their processes, replace multiple products with one powerful solution, increase savings and improve the health and safety of patients, staff and guests.

“It’s been almost three years and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Tersano has helped us with our sustainability goals, our LEED certification, and our cleaning performance. All in all, that’s pretty good.”

You can see the full article on the Tersano website.

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