How plans for ‘environmental recovery’ following coronavirus could impact businesses

June 18, 2020

The UK government is being urged by leading businesses, organisations and investors to set out clear plans for environmental recovery following the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that any efforts to repair the economy also align with wider climate change goals.

It has been widely reported that with the world in lockdown, emissions, waste and overall carbon footprint has reduced, leaving the planet in a healthier state. Now that lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting, firms are reinforcing the message that long-term goals to save the planet must not be forgotten and in fact, they must be seen as an absolute priority.

The British government has already committed to bringing carbon emissions to net zero by the year 2050. However, many are calling for a more immediate focus on sustainability and climate change during our post-pandemic economic rebuild, in what is being referred to as the ‘green recovery’ movement.


What might a green recovery mean for businesses?

Businesses have already experienced increased social pressures to reduce their carbon footprint in recent years. With 200 organisations now already backing the ‘green recovery’ movement, however, there is a good chance that companies will be officially required to enforce eco-friendlier changes in the not too distant future. New considerations may include reviewing everything involved with the running of a business, from waste to carbon emissions, renewable energies, cleaning chemical usages and more. The tricky part for businesses affected by COVID-19 will be finding financially viable ways of improving sustainability during a time of instability and economic rebuild.


How Purozo can help

Our goal at Purozo is to reduce the impact we, as businesses, have on the environment in a simple and cost-effective way. We have always felt very strongly about sustainability and in trying to make a difference for our future generations.

We supply commercial-level cleaning products which are reusable, chemical-free and have a low carbon footprint. This enables businesses of all sizes to significantly reduce their plastic waste and cut down on the amount of cleaning chemicals used by 90%, resulting in fewer toxic chemicals being poured down drains and into our oceans and groundwaters.

Switching from toxic chemicals to our chemical-free cleaning solution not only helps you to instantly improve your sustainability, but it can also save you thousands of pounds in your cleaning budget. Our clients report a typical saving of 50-80% after switching to our products, something that is crucial at a time like this – especially as cleaning and sanitisation is only going to increase.


About our highly sustainable cleaning solution

At Purozo, we only supply highly sustainable cleaning products which offer a safe, effective and eco-friendly solution to our clients. Our flagship product is the Tersano Lotus Pro, which creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone – a powerful cleaner and sanitiser, able to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and certain viruses.

Made entirely of natural elements including water, electricity and oxygen, SAO™ is created at the push of a button. The Lotus Pro sends volts of electricity, splitting oxygen atoms in the air and turning o2 into o3. The o3 is then infused with normal tap water, creating aqueous ozone – a natural yet powerful cleaner and sanitiser. Because of the Lotus Pro’s clever ‘filtration’ cartridge, the aqueous ozone becomes stabilised, allowing it to stay in this powerful cleaning state for 4 or 24 hours. In that time, once sprayed onto surfaces it clings to dirt, bacteria and viruses, destroying them upon contact. Once the 4 or 24 hours is up, it simply reverts back to normal tap water.

Find out more about how SAO works here:


Becoming eco-friendlier one cleaning product at a time

When looking at the bigger picture of how to become a more sustainable business, there are many details to acknowledge, processes to figure out and costs to consider. Thanks to the Tersano Lotus Pro however, finding an eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution that will lower your carbon footprint isn’t so difficult!

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