Greta Thunberg – we hear you! Here’s how we’re helping educational facilities become more eco-friendly

September 10, 2019

The fight for action against climate change

16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has flooded the media over the past year as a spokesperson for environmental change.

She first hit the headlines in August 2018 after initiating a “School Strike for Climate” protest, where school children in Sweden missed lessons to protest for action against climate change. It has since become an international movement including over 100,000 school students across the world, calling for the very same thing.

With pupils so passionately fighting for the sustainability of their futures, more schools, colleges and universities are rightly looking to improve their own environmental impact. Here’s how Purozo are helping them to do it.

Supporting educational facilities to reduce their carbon footprint

At Purozo, we are committed to promoting change and helping organisations improve their carbon footprint. Every year, millions of litres of toxic cleaning chemicals are poured down our drains, contaminating our natural water resources. That’s not to mention the single-use plastic packaging chemicals often come in, a large number of which ends up in our oceans.

As suppliers of environmentally friendly cleaning products, we urge people to reduce the number of toxic chemicals they use, instead converting to eco-friendly solutions. We currently work with schools and universities up and down the country, helping them to reduce their toxic chemical use by 80%. By switching to the Tersano Lotus® Pro from toxic chemicals, educational facilities can significantly reduce their plastic waste, chemical-use and overall carbon footprint, setting the standard for the future generations they teach.

About Tersano’s chemical-free cleaning products

Tersano cleaning products use natural elements to create a highly powerful cleaner and sanitiser. Using just tap water, electricity and oxygen, they create a solution called Stabilised Aqueous Ozone which can kill 99.999% of harmful bacteria in seconds, making it even more effective than bleach.

The Tersano Lotus® Pro is used on a commercial scale, whilst the Tersano iClean Mini™ is a handheld device, using the same technology to provide a portable solution. Both products can replace 80% of your current cleaning chemicals and are completely reusable so will significantly reduce your plastic waste. Stabilised Aqueous Ozone lasts for up to 24 hours, after which it simply returns back to water and oxygen, allowing you to safely pour it away without any chemicals entering our environment.

Schools, colleges and universities are even saving thousands in annual costs by switching from chemicals to the greener cleaning alternative. One client has saved £14,000 since having the unit installed.

To find out more about how it’s being currently used in educational facilities and what the main benefits are of switching, read our case study on Taunton School:

Taunton School Case Study