Frequently asked questions

Surface cleaning

What does Hygenex protect against?

Hygenex has been proven effective against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which is the cause of COVID-19.

How many applications are required to ensure 6-month protection?

Just the one! A single application keeps your premises safe from harmful viruses for up to six months.

How easy is it to apply Hygenex?

Hygenex is really straightforward to use. Once applied, it’s touch dry within 15 minutes and ready for use in 3 hours.

The Stabilised Aqueous Ozone does not smell like regular cleaners.

Clean should not have a smell. The smell of lemon, fresh etc. in regular cleaning chemicals indicates the use of an additive to the chemical and these are harmful and can cause irritation.

Can the solution remove mould?

The Stabilised Aqueous Ozone kills mould. In order to remove dead spores, areas must then be scrubbed.

How do I check the efficiency of the ozone?

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone generated by our Lotus® Pro device has been tested by Third Party Laboratories as per Green Seal Standards GS37 and GS53.

What temperature of water must I use with the Lotus® Pro?

Cold water only.

Can chemicals be used with the water to enhance the ability of cleaning?

It is not recommended that any chemical be used with the Lotus® Pro solution. Chemicals will eliminate the ozone in the water and therefore defeats the purpose of using Stabilised Aqueous Ozone.

Where do I use Lotus® Pro?

Applications include carpets, stone, marble, ceramic, glass, mirrors, bathrooms, stainless steel & chrome, TVs, computer screens, appliances, white boards, hardwood and vinyl. It also deodorises and works well at removing salt residue in the winter.

Is Enviroshot expensive compared to traditional products?

No, in fact Enviroshot is as competitive as traditional products, if not cheaper. It offers a good mix between being sustainable and economic for professional use.

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