Safe non toxic cleaning products for education

We recognise the importance of child safety and that is why SAO™ is the perfect solution for the future of educational cleaning. As a safe non-toxic cleaning product that is even more effective than bleach, SAO™ technology provides the perfect school cleaning products.

SAO provides the education sector with a simple, safer and more sustainable and effective cleaning and sanitisation solution, getting rid of the need to use and store toxic and potentially harmful chemicals onsite.


  • Windows, carpets, all hard surfaces, classrooms, stainless steel, bathrooms, changing rooms, sport facilities, boarding houses, kitchens, restaurants and cleaning machines


  • No risk to children, odourless and chemically safe
  • Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E.coli and Salmonella
  • Non-slip finish on all floors
  • Eliminates the miss-use of chemical products