The dangers of microplastics and how to reduce them with better commercial-level cleaning operations

September 30, 2020

A technique has been presented to the American Chemical Society that scientists hope will enable researchers to examine the contamination of microplastics found in human organs.

Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic which end up in natural ecosystems, usually the sea. Issues can be caused by these because they are so small, less than 5mm in length, meaning that water filtration processes cannot extract them. Fish and other aquatic creatures have been killed or experienced serious health problems as a result of ingesting microplastics.

For humans, this means that microplastics are entering our food chain too. Multiple studies have reported up to 600 microplastic fragments being found in every kilogram of salt.

The only way to reduce the risk is to drastically reduce our reliance on plastics, especially single-use plastics, resulting in less microplastic ending up in our environment and subsequently, our organs.


What are single-use plastics?

As the name suggests, single-use plastics are plastics which we use once, and then throw away or recycle. Even if recycled, the energy which is put into creating that single-use plastic is a big drain on our environment.

A report by the Centre for International Environmental Law said:

“After the extraction of fossil fuels to produce plastic, the carbon footprint of a material which has become ubiquitous across the globe continues through the refining process, and on well past its useful life as a drinks bottle or plastic bag, through the way it is disposed of and the plastic afterlife”.

In businesses across multiple sectors, single-use plastics make up much of our food, waste disposal, cleaning systems and more. Whether it be packaging, cleaning supplies or other disposable items, we must find ways to reduce the number of plastics and microplastics we are generating as waste.


Where to start when reducing plastic waste

There are lots of eco-friendlier products on the market which offer reusable alternatives to businesses currently using large amounts of single-use plastic.

Streamlining your cleaning operations is one way to significantly reduce your plastic output. Currently, 35.8 million plastic bottles are being used every day in the UK, including cleaning chemical bottles. This alone contributes significantly towards our carbon footprint, without even considering how many litres of toxic chemicals are also entering our groundwaters.

Businesses must start looking to their current cleaning operations in order to start making reductions in their plastic use, which will contribute towards the reduction in its harmful bi-product, microplastics.


The 100% reusable and chemical-free cleaning solution for businesses

The Tersano Lotus Pro is a non-toxic and environmentally safe alternative to multiple cleaning chemical products, for different applications. Able to replace up to 90% of your current cleaning chemicals, the system is entirely reusable and mounted permanently onto your wall. Connected to your water supply, it creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) at the push of a button. SAO™ is a chemical-free cleaning solution, able to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and certain viruses. Use it on multiple surfaces including floors, windows, worktops, marble, glass, and more for exceptional results.

You will no longer require regular deliveries containing multiple different cleaning chemicals, all packaged in single-use plastic bottles. The Tersano Lotus Pro offers a reusable solution which enables you to reduce your plastic waste, as well as your chemical use.

Learn more about how Stabilised Aqueous Ozone works.


Transform your entire cleaning operation with our three powerful products

The Trilogy system from Purozo provides you with three of our most powerful products: the Tersano Lotus Pro, Zoono’s ‘antimicrobial shield agent’ and the MotorScrubber Storm. This three-part system offers an environmentally friendly solution and can replace a significant share of your cleaning regime. The Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) provides an everyday cleaner and sanitiser, Zoono offers long-term protection on surfaces for weeks at a time, and the MotorScrubber Storm nozzle and backpack offers exceptional coverage of these two products over multiple surfaces or areas.

An all-in-one solution for any business which requires commercial-level cleaning, the Trilogy system is not only an investment financially, but offers exceptional cleaning and minimal products which use single-use plastics.

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