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How Taunton School reduced costs, improved environmental impact & provided a safer cleaning solution to staff, pupils & parents through Tersano products.


Ian Almond - Facilities Manager



Service provided

  • Lotus® Pro Technology
  • Cose saving measures
  • Safe for our pupils and the environment

Taunton School is one of the UK’s leading co-educational independent boarding and day schools.

Read how they made considerable cost savings, improved their environmental impact and provided a safer cleaning solution to staff, pupils and parents by switching from toxic chemicals to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone.

The Problem

Huge cost savings

Since implementing the Lotus® Pro system into our school, we have saved approximately £14,000 over 5 years.

Contributing to our reputation as a progressively green school

We are also utilising fewer disposable product containers and less residual chemicals are entering streams, rivers and groundwaters. Having already won a Green Award for Outstanding Environmental Achievement, the Lotus® Pro has no doubt built on our reputation as a progressively ‘green’ school.

A safer solution without toxic chemicals

Taking into consideration our environment of students and boarding houses, the students and staff are now breathing in less toxic materials, and also our team are working with a potentially less aggressive chemicals to their skin.

The Results

Why we decided to switch to the Tersano Lotus® Pro

The decision to switch to the Tersano Lotus® Pro was taken for two main reasons. Reason one was the environmental impact of less chemicals entering into landfill and the various water courses. Reason two was the potential cost savings. There is also the added benefit of Aqueous Ozone being a safe, effective cleaner and sanitiser that is stronger than bleach but without the hazardous odour, fumes or toxic residues.

Making the change from chemicals to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone

The main challenge was trying to convince the team that we could “clean with water”. We undertook a series of demonstrations and swab tests to prove the cleaning benefits of the product. The demonstrations showed the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria on work surfaces and chopping boards. Together with the sanitising ability which increases as the dwell time is increased.

Using and implementing the Lotus® Pro unit

The Lotus® Pro was very easy to set up and use. Installation was undisruptive and took just a couple of hours. We didn’t have to change our cleaning processes as the product is used exactly the same as other chemical products. All we do is simply fill the bottles at the commencement of each shift in order to clean. PPE is not required when using the products, although it is available to staff that wish to wear it.

"We are very happy with the product and its effectiveness as a chemical-free cleaner and sanitiser. It reduces and eliminates germs, odours, stains, mould and mildew, and leaves no residue behind."
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