Stowe School


Stowe School implemented a simpler, safer and more eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaning, whilst reducing their impact on the environment.


Diana Roberts, Housekeeping/Accommodation Manager



Service provided

  • SAO surface cleaning
  • Swab tests
  • Hygiene assessment

Stowe School is an independent coeducational school in Buckinghamshire. It opened in 1923 and now has around 770 pupils.

After finding that they were using too many chemicals across the school as part of their cleaning operations, they wanted a simpler, safer and more eco-friendly alternative.

That’s where the powerful and chemical-free Tersano Lotus Pro and Trilogy System came in.

The Problem

Why we decided to switch to the Tersano Lotus Pro & Trilogy System

I had always felt that there were too many chemicals at the school, and I was always very keen to reduce the environmental impact wherever I could. We had started the process of reducing and renewing the chemicals on campus by introducing microfiber cloths and ridding the site of some very harsh chemicals, but always at the forefront of my mind was wanting to reduce our carbon footprint.
Unfortunately, there are thousands of chemicals currently on the market. Its mind blowing when you see row upon row of chemicals in supermarkets and shops today, as well as what is received by suppliers. Add on top of this the expense, regulations and guidance that need to be adhered to in terms of Health & Safety, along with the health & welfare of everyone in our community, and the time it takes to train staff on the correct. Something had to change.


Making the change from chemicals to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™)

It was decided that after a couple of meetings with Alex and Jonny at Purozo, we would trial the Lotus Pro system. We were shown videos, had demonstrations onsite and the guys explained where the product was being used, for example, care homes, other boarding schools, and more recently Centre Parks. They were also always on hand if there were any questions or queries about the product.

Using and implementing the Tersano Lotus® Pro

Using the Lotus Pro system is very easy. It is a permanent fixture that is mounted onto a wall and connected to a power and water supply. At the push of a button, cold water is automatically added to the stabilisation module compartment, which changes the mineral composition of the water.

This is then passed through to the main unit where oxygen and volts of electricity is added. This converts O2 into O3 which creates the Stabilised Aqueous Ozone. You just turn on a tap, wait for the light to go green, fill a bottle with the SAO™ (Stabilised Aqueous Ozone) and away you go. It’s so simple and the best thing about it is that there are no harsh chemicals involved.


Couldn’t be easier for staff to use

Using this simple system alongside microfiber made cleaning straightforward. We didn’t need to buy any special equipment – the team don’t even have to wear PPE, and they loved the simplicity of it – just 1 cloth and 1 bottle, no more lugging heavy duty chemicals from floor to floor.


Using and implementing the Trilogy System

It wasn’t long after that we were then introduced to the Trilogy system of cleaning which includes the Lotus Pro, Zoono and Storm. Zoono is an antimicrobial ‘shield’ agent which bonds itself to surfaces which then gives a protective layer that is also 100% safe for people. Once on the surface, it will continue to kill microorganisms and offer residual protection for longer periods of time. The Storm pack is a high-powered nozzle which is attached to a power pack that enables the team to spray the solution over larger areas when needed quickly.

This is now fondly referred to as the ‘ghost buster’. This is an ideal product for frequently touched areas such as door handles and light switches etc.

The Results

Swab tests & hygiene assessments that speak for themselves

Cleaning in kitchen areas is high up and one of the critical control points during hazard analysis. There have been swab tests for hygiene monitoring recently conducted in the restaurant which have shown fantastic results in the products that we are using. This system of Bioscanning can detect the presence of bacteria.


Zero chemicals, zero risk to pupils and staff

The best advantage is that there is no risk to pupils as there is no chemicals. As we endeavour to protect our community, pupils and staff alike; we are ensuring we provide a nontoxic environment with little exposure to chemicals.


A more sustainable solution & reduced carbon footprint

Thanks to these new cleaning solutions, we will save and eliminate single-use plastic waste going to landfill and reduce the harmful chemicals reaching drains and waterways. This goes a long way to achieving green credentials.

“Thanks to these systems, we are certainly heading in the right direction for ensuring our safety at work and in the community is improved, and environmental impact and budget is reduced. More importantly, as we endeavour to protect our community, pupils and staff alike; we are ensuring we provide a nontoxic environment with little exposure to chemicals. We will eliminate the need to purchase multiple chemicals, we have an instant, on-demand product for any potential outbreaks not only of COVID-19, but Norovirus etc. It also eliminates germs, odours, bacteria and mildew.”
Diana Roberts - Stowe School