Bryanston School


How Bryanston School improved their carbon footprint, created a safer environment for staff & pupils & improved wellbeing through Tersano products.


Tracey Eavis - Head of Housekeeping



Service provided

  • Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) Technology
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Safe for our pupils and the environment

Bryanston is a co-educational independent day and boarding school, with over 800 pupils. Founded in 1928, it is located next to the village of Bryanston in Dorset, South West England.

They share their experiences of switching to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) from toxic chemicals and explain how it has helped them to improve staff wellbeing, create a safer environment for pupils and reduce their carbon footprint..

The Problem

Extraordinary results and improved staff wellbeing

The results from switching to SAO™ have been extraordinary. We can now use just one bottle of SAO™ instead of 10 bottles of the previous product. My staff also have a better working environment, which is great to see. They are now able to work without having to wear protective clothing, including face masks, and using these products has absolutely changed their wellbeing at work which makes for a very happy team.

Reduced plastic waste, less chemicals

The new products have made a huge difference; there has been a notable reduction in plastic waste, we are releasing less harmful chemicals into the drains and we are improving staff wellbeing due to the reduction of powerful chemicals. It has been a great way to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of our school.

A safer solution for staff and pupils

I love this product. Because there are no harsh chemicals, my breathing has improved and I know I am using a product that is protecting us as well as cleaning. Our housekeeping staff spend a lot of time in the students-rooms, so using non-toxic chemicals is having better results health wise. Students can also use it safely if they want to clean their own rooms which is great for developing life skills and learning the importance of cleaning.

The Results

Why we decided to switch to the Tersano Lotus® Pro

We were looking for a cleaning product that would make the school more environmentally friendly and would also be healthier for staff than using toxic chemicals. As a boarding school environment, our school is also the students’ home, so we have to make sure it is a safe environment. We were facing the challenge of far too many chemicals, budgets being blown on expensive products, health issues with the staff, plus skin problems. We came across the Lotus Pro on Linkedin and were really interested in how the product worked and how it could work for Bryanston.

What we found when switching from chemicals to SAO

We did a trial in our new Sports Centre and the results were amazing. Alex and Gareth from Purozo spent a lot of time with the staff and myself explaining the process, showing a video, training the staff and were always at the end of the phone if we had any worries or problems. We also did a swab test to see the effectiveness of SAO™ vs our previous chemical products and we were amazed by the results, with SAO™ coming out on top as the most effective.

Using and implementing the Lotus® Pro unit

The system is very easy to use; the staff love the simplicity of it and the colour coding makes it really straightforward. We didn’t have to buy any special equipment other than a microfibre system, we just use all the same equipment as before. We also don’t have to wear any protective equipment and the set-up and installation of the system was easy.

Why it was important to find something environmentally friendly

Showing that the school is behind eco-friendly solutions sets a good example for the pupils. The students here are very eco-friendly, they do lots of recycling and are always looking for new ways to help the planet. They run their own Green Committee and we are very proud of the success they have already had with new thoughts and ideas across the school.

"The results have been extraordinary. The new products have made a huge difference; staff are now able to work without having to wear protective clothing, including face masks. There has been a notable reduction in plastic waste, releasing less harmful chemicals into the drains. These products have also absolutely changed staff wellbeing at work due to the reduction of powerful chemicals which has made for a very happy team."
Bryanston - Independent boarding school