Bowling Park Primary School


Bowling Park Primary School implemented safe & effective chemical-free cleaning systems after wanting an effective, simple, cost & time saving solution.


Danielle Armstrong, Business Manager at Bowling Park Primary School



Service provided

  • Tersano Lotus® Pro system
  • Affordable and cost-saving
  • Safe for our pupils and the environment

Bowling Park Primary School is a 3-form entry school in the heart of Bradford. It has 700 pupils across two sites, which are situated just one mile apart.

With an ethos of ensuring both staff and children feel confident and secure within a safe environment, Bowling Park Primary School discuss how the Tersano Lotus Pro reinforces and fulfils these values.

The Results

Safe to use – anyone and everyone can use it in our school

We have experienced a number of safety benefits since using the products. There has been no dermatological implications, no COSHH and we can leave the cleaning cupboard open for people to top up their spray bottles. There has been improvements in health and safety of staff using the system – less products to carry or mix, skincare issues have been non-existent and there is no need for bleach. This is a worry-free product and because it’s chemical-free, children can even take part in cleaning work areas if appropriate (due to COVID-19 measures).


A simpler cleaning system that works

SAO™ has improved our cleaning processes – it’s so quick and easy. It cleans and sterilises all surfaces (including glass, toilets and carpets). The chances for human error are much reduced. We use it to sterilise surfaces, hands and resources all day, every day. You can wipe surfaces quickly and spritz the air, soft furnishings and even carpets. You can also clean things that you might not have been able to with COVID-19.  It’s our one-stop shop, minimum training, worry-free solution.


Cost savings of 20%

We have seen a noticeable cost reduction across like for like period (pre COVID-19). Since switching to aqueous ozone, we have saved 20% in our cleaning costs.


Why we decided to switch to the Tersano Lotus Pro

We switched to Tersano cleaning products in 2019 (pre COVID-19).  We wanted an effective, simple, cost and time saving cleaning solution. I had been aware of “magic water” for a while, but never gave it much credit or further thought until last year, when we visited another school which used the system and it was so clean, it seemed too good to be true! That’s when the cleaning team and I decided to find out more.


Making the change from chemicals to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™)

We have been using the system in our three-form primary schools (across two sites) for 12 months now. SAO™ is easy to use, with minimum training, no COSHH, no measuring dosage, and it can be used on any surface. The hardest part with the new system was assuring school staff that their rooms were in fact clean.  The water smells “charged” or “clean”, but without a pine or lemon fragrance. Many staff couldn’t grasp that their rooms were in fact clean. Not only clean, sterilised.


Using and implementing the Tersano Lotus Pro

We found the Lotus Pro system very easy to use, the set up and installation was not disruptive at all and cleaning processes were simplified after installation. It is not necessary for staff to wear protective equipment when using SAO™, but they choose to wear gloves for the toilet area.

"SAO™ has been really beneficial to our school. This is a worry-free product - our one-stop shop, minimum training, worry-free solution."
Danielle Armstrong, Business Manager at Bowling Park Primary School