Ardingly College


Ardingly College implement the chemical-free Lotus Pro & Trilogy System, making parents, staff and pupils feel safe, whilst changing the way they clean.


Mike Sinfield, Domestic Bursar at Ardingly College



Service provided

  • Tersano Lotus® Pro system
  • Affordable and cost-saving
  • Safe for our pupils and the environment

Ardingly college is an independent boarding and day school near Ardingly in West Sussex. Established in 1858, it is divided into three autonomous schools, with over 750 pupils in total.

Ardingly college shares their experience of switching from traditional cleaning chemicals to Purozo’s Trilogy system, which comprises of the Tersano Lotus Pro, Zoono antimicrobial shield and the MotorScrubber Storm.

The Problem

Why we decided to switch to the Tersano Lotus Pro

It was so important for us to be able to leave cleaning products in the classroom for teachers to use, without fear of the pupils coming to any harm. We chose Tersano based on the safety of the product, given that there’s a possibility it may be tampered with by children.


Using and implementing the Tersano Lotus® Pro system

The system is very easy to use. It was straightforward to set-up and install – we had no issues whatsoever. We only had to buy the units and backpacks; no additional “special” cleaning products were required on top. In fact, we are going to sell on some now redundant cleaning equipment!

PPE not essential with SAO™

It is not necessary to wear protective equipment for the SAO™, however, because of the COVID pandemic our cleaning team are head to toe in PPE, just to be extra cautious.

The Results

Affordable and cost-saving

SAO™ has been beneficial to the school because firstly, it is affordable and in time will even make savings. When we first came across the system, we were most impressed by the cost. I often reflect on what I’ve spent in total on a new cleaning system which is child safe and COVID unfriendly, and to be honest, it’s peanuts!


Tried, tested and proven to be highly effective

We did not know if SAO™ worked until we conducted the swab tests. However, I felt if large companies were already using the product, it was worth a punt. The product is great and does do what it says it does. We have now conducted swab tests and have clear results! As always, selling anything – especially to sceptical teachers – is difficult. Even the chemistry teachers got involved in analysing the science behind SAO™, and they too believe in the science behind it. The proof for us was always going to be in the pudding, and with the swab tests, we now have the proof and know it works.


An essential during the COVID-19 pandemic

From a COVID pandemic perspective, the trilogy range has certainly improved our touchpoint and high-risk area cleanliness. To be able to present the Trilogy system to the parents, pupils and staff as a means of conveying what additional cleaning methods we’d introduced during the pandemic was outstanding. Especially as the storm backpack is so visible!


Safe for our pupils and the environment

Child safety is the major benefit for us and of course, the environment will be benefitting too. We have our own sewage system onsite, so I will be interested to see the next set of readings from this as I am sure with less chemicals going down the sinks, there will be an improvement.


A firm favourite amongst the catering staff!

We have found SAO™ to be very good across a range of surfaces and it dries very fast. It is particularly outstanding in public and food areas. Our catering staff have even nicknamed it “Holy” water!

"As a package, the Trilogy system has been amazing. To be able to present something that has really made parents, staff and pupils feel safe is quite remarkable. We are really happy with it. It has changed the way we clean - but we were most impressed by the cost. I often reflect on what I spent in total on a new cleaning system which is child safe and COVID unfriendly, and to be honest, it’s peanuts!"
- Mike Sinfield - Domestic Bursar at Ardingly College