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Hear what our care home clients have to say about switching to the Tersano Lotus Pro cleaning system

At Purozo, we’ve helped many of the major care home groups across the UK switch from traditional cleaning chemicals to a safer, more sustainable, cost-saving and chemical-free solution.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what they have to say about their experience with Purozo and the impact of switching to the Lotus Pro and Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™).

Berkley Care Group

“We feel the Tersano Lotus Pro has been an amazing product across our 7 care homes. It has saved us a substantial amount of money with regard to cleaning cost and had a direct impact on our infection control risk management process during COVID.

We can’t thank the Purozo team enough for their continued support.”

– From the Team at Berkley Care Group


Dormy Care

“The Tersano SAO system is invaluable in keeping Dormy Care Communities not only clean, but sanitised. It is reassuring to know that our infection control is wholly supported by a chemical-free product that is effective against the Coronavirus. The staff teams love using it and everyone knows that it is not only safe and effective but also economical to use. Purozo offer us an excellent service and are always responsive to our needs.”

– Helen Davies-Parsons, CEO of Dormy Care Communities


Inspired Villages

“At Inspired Villages we have integrated SAO for the past 6 months now; it has made a huge difference to our “Enhanced Operating Procedures” for cleaning and environmental impact. Infection control and prevention has always been a priority, we strive for the highest level of assurance and confidence in our cleaning standards thus through validating the effectiveness we truly believe that it has helped us achieve a best in class standard.”

– Mark Hill CMIOSH BSc (Hons)


Colten Care

“Since rolling out Tersano to all our care homes 3 years ago, we have reduced our cleaning costs by 60% as well as improving the wellbeing of our residents and staff by eliminating 90% of our toxic cleaning products.”

– Tim Jones – Senior Buyer



“Porthaven have now implemented the Tersano SAO system across all 17 homes with great success. The cost benefits have already been seen, with savings of over 50% against conventional chemicals. The fact that the product is safer to use, environmentally friendly but also incredibly effective as a cleaning system means that Tersano SAO has become an integral part of our infection control procedures across the group.”

– John Hugget


Care South

“Care South has worked with Purozo over many years and we were delighted when Chris offered us the opportunity to lead the way, back in 2016, with the introduction of Tersano Stabilised Aqueous Ozone into all 16 of our care homes. It is affectionately known by those that use it within Care South, as “Smart Water” and now sits very firmly at the heart of our cleaning regimes and infection control measures. Its cleaning qualities, on most surface types, have made huge differences at all our homes as well as being environmentally friendly and forming part of our greener strategy for the group.

“Throughout the pandemic, staff have been reassured by Smart Water’s effectiveness against Coronavirus and its constant use. In particular, its use in atomised form has played a very significant part in ensuring that Care South residents and staff have stayed safe in these very difficult times.”

– The team at Care South


Helping you create a safer care home, without added cost

If you’re looking for a cleaning solution that can match the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals, save you thousands in your budget, reduce your environmental impact and offer a safer environment for residents and staff, get in touch with Purozo today!