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Aqueous Ozone scientifically proven to kill highly infectious norovirus

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) has been tested as a highly effective cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser, proven to destroy some of the world’s strongest viruses.

What makes norovirus so difficult to destroy?

Viruses come in two forms: non-enveloped viruses composed of capsid protein and nucleic acid (which are harder to kill) and enveloped viruses with a lipid membrane (which are easier to kill).

As noted in scientific research**, non-enveloped capsid viruses (such as norovirus) are extremely resistant to most disinfectants and are therefore notoriously difficult to destroy and highly infectious. On the other hand, lipid enveloped viruses (such as coronavirus) are the easier virus to kill. The lipid membrane is easily compromised by disinfectants, exposing the core of the virus and making it more vulnerable to damage.

Aqueous Ozone highly effective in killing Norovirus

Norovirus is an extremely contagious non-enveloped capsid virus, one of the most difficult viruses to combat. In a recent in-house report by Tersano*, Aqueous Ozone was proven to destroy norovirus in just 2 seconds at 2ppm of Aqueous ozone , Lotus Pro by Tersano releases up to 2ppm of Aqueous ozone. As well as norovirus, Aqueous Ozone has been scientifically proven* to kill rotavirus, enteric adenovirus, hepatitis A, and many others.

Able to destroy some of the toughest capsid viruses, it is probable that SAO™ will be just as effective in destroying coronavirus, which is comprised of lipid enveloped proteins that are easier to eliminate**.

How Stabilised Aqueous Ozone works to kill major viruses

Created using electricity, oxygen and water, SAO™ is a proven to be a powerful tool in killing highly infectious, non-enveloped capsid viruses that are notoriously difficult to contain, extremely contagious and spread rapidly. Given this data, it is assumed that Stabilised Aqueous Ozone will be just as effective in destroying the weaker, lipid enveloped viruses, such as coronavirus on surfaces. However, we are in the middle of testing to confirm this.

Find out more about SAO™, the completely natural and chemical-free solution that can kill some of the most infectious viruses in seconds.

Latest virus testing update

Over the past couple of months, Tersano have been working tirelessly to arrange lab-based tests which reveal SAO’s effectiveness against viruses such as Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Since this blog post was written, further tests have been conducted, the results of which you can see on our ‘Virus updates’ page.



*Aqueous Ozone: Summary Pathogen Kill Rates & Data report. Click here to download the full PDF.

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