5 ways Purozo can simplify and streamline your cleaning operations

July 10, 2020

As leading suppliers of the latest cutting-edge and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, Purozo work closely with businesses across the UK to transform their cleaning operations using two powerful products.

The Tersano Lotus Pro (which creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone) and Zoono’s Antimicrobial Shield are two revolutionary products which are leading the way in modern cleaning. Together, they create a formidable force against viruses, bacteria, dirt and grime.

Organisations in multiple sectors across the UK and the rest of the world are switching from harmful and toxic chemicals to SAO™ and Zoono, in order to transform their cleaning operations, save thousands in their cleaning budgets and improve safety within the workplace.

Here’s a little bit more about the products.

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, created by the Tersano Lotus Pro

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) is a chemical-free cleaning solution that can replace 90% of your cleaning chemicals. It cleans and sanitises virtually any surface, providing a safer solution for staff and entirely transforming your cleaning processes.

Created using the Tersano Lotus Pro, Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) is made entirely from natural elements including water, oxygen and electricity. Perfect for those daily cleans, the solution latches onto dirt, bacteria and certain viruses, destroying them upon contact and killing up to 99.999% of the harmful contaminants.

*Learn more about how SAO™ works here.

Zoono Antimicrobial Shield

Zoono is a highly intelligent chemical-free cleaning agent which continues to kill viruses and bacteria for a number of days after being sprayed onto a surface. Perfect for high touch-point or commonly used areas, just spray it once at the start of the month, and its protective layer will continue to provide surface protection, even if you continue to clean as normal with other products.

*Learn more about Zoono here.

Here’s how these two products combined can completely transform your cleaning operations.


1. Optimise the cleaning process: Zero mixing of chemicals required

The Tersano Lotus Pro is a unit which is mounted to the wall and connected to your water supply. At the push of a button, it creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone by infusing volts of electricity with tap water, creating an extra oxygen atom in the process (o3). The SAO™ can then be dispensed into mop buckets, spray bottles or floor cleaners and remains as a powerful cleaner and sanitiser for up to 24 hours before simply reverting back to tap water. Similarly, Zoono also doesn’t require mixing and comes ready to use. Both SAO™ and Zoono can clean and sanitise any surface, from carpet to glass, upholstery, kitchen worktops, floors, marble, ceramics and more. No more time wasted on mixing together various combinations of chemicals, staff can create their powerful cleaning solution at the push of a button or the spray of a bottle, using them to clean entire buildings.

“We didn’t have to change our cleaning processes; the product is used exactly the same as other chemical products. All we do is simply fill the bottles at the commencement of each shift in order to clean.” – Taunton School


2. Streamline inventory: An all-in-one product for multiple applications

Because the only cleaning solutions you need are either mounted to the wall in the form of a Lotus Pro unit or in a single bottle, you no longer have to purchase and store multiple cleaning chemicals. This simplifies your inventory management process significantly, as well as eliminating the inconvenience of storing lots of cleaning chemical bottles onsite.

“The results from switching to SAO™ have been extraordinary. We can now use just one bottle of SAO™ instead of ten bottles of the previous product.”  – Bryanston School


3. Efficient onboarding: Minimal staff training required

When cleaning with chemicals, staff are required to carry out COSHH training in order to minimise the risks associated with potentially hazardous substances. This can delay the onboarding process of new cleaning staff and become quite costly if you are regularly having to train new employees. Because SAO™ and Zoono are both entirely chemical-free, staff can start immediately, making the process much more efficient and you will also save money on obligatory training.

“My staff have a better working environment; they are now able to work without having to wear protective clothing and using these products has absolutely changed their wellbeing at work which makes for a very happy team.” – Bryanston School


4. Save thousands in your cleaning budget

By switching to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone from cleaning chemicals, many of our clients have been able to optimise their cleaning budgets, meaning huge savings. This is because the Lotus Pro unit is a one-off purchase. No more buying large quantities of cleaning chemicals on a weekly or monthly basis, the Lotus Pro can replace 90% of what you were buying previously. The only thing that requires replacing is the stabiliser cartridge every few months (depending on how much it is used).

“Since implementing the Lotus® Pro system into our school, we have saved approximately £14,000 over 5 years.” – Taunton School


5. Less waste to dispose of

SAO™ significantly reduces the number of chemicals you’re pouring down drains and into our groundwaters. It also streamlines the amount of plastic waste you produce. Unlike traditional chemicals, which are typically packaged in disposable plastic bottles, the Lotus Pro is a reusable unit, meaning little to no additional waste. This allows you to significantly reduce your plastic footprint and reduce the amount of waste you need to dispose of.

“The new products have made a huge difference; there has been a notable reduction in plastic waste, we are releasing less harmful chemicals into the drains and we are improving staff wellbeing due to the reduction of powerful chemicals. It has been a great way to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of our school.” – Bryanston School


To find out more about how the Tersano Lotus Pro and Zoono Antimicrobial agent work together as the ultimate power cleaner, click here or get in touch using the form below.